Custom Fragrances

Central Indiana’s Only Custom Fragrance Creation

At the Village Parfumerie, a uniquely personal experience awaits you – the creation of your very own signature fragrance. Custom creations make wonderful gifts for someone special! Our Fragrance Consultants will guide your imagination as you design your very own signature fragrance. During this exciting two hour process, you will learn the history of perfume-making; the various layers of scents used in fine fragrance, the different classes of scents – all that goes into the creation of a world-class fragrance that you design for yourself. With over 150 essences available, you will discover how the different fragrances harmonize to create a personal scent that is distinctively yours. You will leave our studio with your new completed fragrance and some great new memories. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Appointments recommended.

The Most Unique and Memorable Promotional Item.

Did you know that humans remember smells, and link them to people and places, better than nearly anything else? Our sense of smell is located in a part of the brain very close to our memory. As a result, we are able to instantly recall a place or experience when we smell a unique scent. Consider the enticing aroma of your favorite meal. Or the refreshing scent of the ocean from a vacation. In today’s markets, every organization strives to be remembered by customers. You can tap into this power of memory with a custom-made scent for your organization. For giveaway items, or as a new product for you to sell, a private lable fragrance is something your customers will never forget. Contact us today to learn more about our private label programs.

Another Happy Customer

“While visiting family in Zionsville I had the good fortune to hear about The Village Parfumerie. Since I was also meeting up with an old classmate it seemed a pleasant way to spend some time together by making our own fragrance. Wendy and Pat lead us through what, at first, seemed a daunting task. I love my fragrance! No matter who gives me a hug they all say the same thing, “you smell so good”. I have the satisfaction of telling them I made the fragrance myself! - Barbara J.; Brooktondale, NY

Try our "Just the Two of You" session!

Bring someone special to the Village Parfumerie for a romantic creation session. You'll both create a new custom fragrance formula while you nibble on chocolates and sip champagne! Click here for more information.

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